Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It's been a while.

Time really does fly. 
Nothing new to report. The car is running beautifully.  The future plans include getting the wipers sorted out and getting the AC back on.  I have most parts just need the time.  

The car sat for over a month over the holidays and she started right up last week.  Here's a shot I took when I left a small show last Thursday.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

New Cooper Cobras

The guys at Midas who graciously put new tires on my car posted the first episode so Im able to share it.  245-60/15s on the front and 295-50/15s on the back.

Friday, September 12, 2014

What a ride!

It is awesome having a manual trans in the car.  No regrets at all!
The car drives so nice too.

I have been having some staring issues lately, once warmed up its very slow to crank and sometimes is dead. Requires a boost.

The batter was testing at 12v but it is 5 years old. And upon investigation the battery cables were not too good either.

So I figured, if Im going to get a new battery I might as well get new correct cables.

The car had side bolt in type and it should have top post.

 Here's what I took off.  A 44 year old, cracking, brittle cable.

I sent the plastic block to American Autowire.  They ran the new cable though and added the terminals.

Getting the plastic block back in the metal bracket and bolted back on was a chore! Took me an hour for that one cable.  If you don't know what plastic block I'm talking about here's a shot from the service manual.

 The cables are really nice, there was no charge for running it though my plastic block. And turn around time was fast! They only had it a day before sending back.

Nice right!  Correct spring type cables!

I also added my remote cut off too, I have a remote on my keys that cuts power to the car. Just helps me sleep better at night. The small red wire on the positive terminal is the constant power for the radio.

On first start I was surprised how fast the motor turned over. Guess Ive needed a battery for a while. It sounded modern, like a newer car.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lets Play "Count The Pedals"

Well Tuesday was quite a day.
Got a lend of a trailer from a friend and headed to Tampa for the pick up.
 Jared was nice enough to drive it onto the trailer for me
 We went back to the original shoot location to do the pay off shot.
 How awesome is that!
 I love this car
 All done and loaded, ready for the trip home
 Ive had worse in my rear view mirror

Home safe and sound.  It rained all the way home
The car is just the way I wanted it. The Car Fix guys were so nice.  I have nothing but good to say about the whole experience.

Im a happy guy!

Here's a video of the first time I drove it as a manual

Friday, May 30, 2014

I got the green light to share! The Buick will be on TV!

Do you watch the TV show Car Fix with Jared Zimmerman and Lou Santiago?
Im finally able to share this... Its been very difficult not to post ahead of time.

My car will be featured on two episodes, July 18 and August 16, on the Velocity Network.
Lou and Jared converted my car from an auto to a manual. I will be on the show too giving them the car and picking it up.

Their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/CarFixTV
They are also on the Velocity Network http://www.velocity.com/tv-shows/car-fix
Original Parts Group was a sponsor http://www.opgi.com/
Midas was a sponsor too! http://www.midas.com/

Ive been following them on Facebook for some time.
I saw them post that they were looking for an Oldsmobile for a project. But the car had to be in FL.
People from all over posted but no FL cars.
I posted "how about a Buick?". Some checking with production and sponsors and bam.. I was in.

It was clear to me that this was a special opportunity likely not to happen again.
The producer said they have so many emails, tweets, mail etc that its impossible to go though it all and that they'd like nothing better than to do all the cars. but its just not feasible.
I was just very very lucky.

AAA picked the car up, as it leaks so much fluid, I could not drive it for the 2 hr trip

Hitting the road

Jared and the Producer Bryan

The new.. and old.  Mmmmmm Pretty

Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman under the car.  Both Lou and Jared are true car guys, not actors for TV with a script. They don't use a script, its all made as the camera is rolling.

They, and the Producer were very good about the work they were doing and making sure I was getting what I wanted.  The whole production crew was awesome. I spent the whole time there watching and I learned that making a TV show takes a lot more time than you think. It was a great experience to see a TV show come together.  They couldn't do enough for me... I'm very grateful.

The Buick is on TV!

 In addition to the manual conversion, Midas put tires on the car! I had some rubbing up front with 255s. I had 255 60 15 on 15x8 rims on all corners.
Midas put 245 60 15s on the front, and 295 50 15s on the back... no more rubbing and great looking meat on the back!

My new best friends

Filming is done, but we're waiting on a few last minute parts from OPG to complete the car.
Hope to pick it up next week!

Exciting news...

I cant give full details yet... but lets just say .... Muncie M20

And that there... is a 5335 shifter

Friday, January 24, 2014

Magnaflows are installed!

Man time flies.  I think I say that on every update!
This week, I finally got tired of having the Magnaflow box sitting in my garage. So it was time...

 photo IMG_9269.jpg

It was a cool morning, only 46°
 photo IMG_9271.jpg

We hung the mufflers first. Added the cross over
This again put the X right under the trans cross member - no good

When I contacted Magnaflow the last time we confirmed we had the right parts, and they measured correctly. They said I could cut some off the ends of the X that went into the muflers. So we cut approx 2.5" here leaving enough straight pipe to go into the mufflers.

 photo Outlook.jpg

Then we had to cut approx 5" out of the straighter section behind the X
One side was expanded, and then put them back together.
Seen here, right above the jack post

 photo IMG_9278.jpg

From there, everything was measured and leveled. My passenger side downpipe was too high, so we had to make another one of those to bring it down such that the cross over was level.

Everything was welded except for 2 joins, the ones in front of the X. This is so when I have the trans 'resealed' one of these days I wont have to cut any pipes (As a side note there was a 64 Polara 500 Convertible on the lift next to me. Owned by the shop owner.)

 photo IMG_9280.jpg
 photo IMG_9291.jpg

It all went together well after that
 photo IMG_9304.jpg

 photo IMG_9297.jpg    photo IMG_9296.jpg

I used the turn down tips cut at 45°. Just showing below the bumper

 photo IMG_9305.jpg

 photo IMG_9298.jpg

Now the best part... I can hear my radio! The Flowmasters that were on it.... gee wiz they were loud. My ears would ring after driving to a show.
This is the same kit I put on the previous GS and I still love it.

Video of the first start

And a video at home